About The Author


D. D. Roebke was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He graduated from Green Bay West High School and joined the Air Force during the Viet Nam War. In the Air Force, D. D. became a Radar Operator and  Flight Test Controller. He operated Space Track equipment and worked for the North American Air Defense Command for 12 years. During his time in the Air Force, D. D. worked as a "Spook" in Top Secret Air Force Operations. D. D. holds a Bachelor of Education from Southern Illinois University (Scholastic Honors) and a Master of Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle University. D. D.'s wife Jean died of Cancer in April 2010. He wrote "The Sorrow Stone" as a snapshot of how he sees and feels his loss.


 The Sorrow Stone, a book of poetry based on loss, grief, and hope.   A poignant look at a journey through loss and sorrow from the eyes of a "Grief-walker."  A "Grief-walker" is one who is currently or has experienced life after a terrible loss.  See a sample poem from the next title by Roebke called, "The Healing Stone," a larger collection of healing and recovery poetry  and humorous Essays due 2018.

"The Sorrow Stone Companion" will come with The Healing Stone as an addition. It is an explanation of D. D. Roebke's poetry.  Critics commented they could not understand parts of "The Sorrow Stone." The Forward will be by Adrien Mastersen.


See Roebke's other projects on the Books page of this site.

Readers have called The Sorrow Stone Heartfelt, profound, deep, and moving.  The poetry strikes a chord among those who have suffered a loss.


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