"The thought of writing poetry came to mind when I prayed about pushing through my grief. The idea of writing about grief never occurred to me.  I began writing one poem after another and soon had written over 100.  The Sorrow Stone  is a compilation of the first 25 poems."

The Sorrow Stone

ISBN-13: 978-0615810256 (Custom)
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Style and form of writing poetry varies with each poet.  Friends have asked how I was inspired.  Well, everyday life is a good place to start.  How each day passes, how I view that day affects my point of view.  There is no right or wrong way to approach poetic writing.  There are rules and devices poets uses to make a point.  In The Sorrow Stone I quote other poets and authors.  Quotation marks are around the quotes.  Please look them up and find meaning of your own.  I provide extra pages for your notes.

My Author's LOGO at the top is the name of this website, Rusty Peeks.  This picture is of Rusty, a retired racing greyhound we adopted who died suddenly in 2012.  He had fun peeking through our stairway railing.  He's curious to see what new titles appear next.

The Healing Stone


A sample poem from "The Healing Stone" appears below. "The Healing Stone" is poetry from varied subjects such as the seasons, trees, greyhounds and some essays on life. It contains some poetry with writing similar to "The Sorrow Stone." Be an active reader and use some of the tools D. D. Roebke provides in the "Sorrow Stone Companion" if necessary.

Little Soul

You came to us by "Chance,"

I'm happy you walked my way,

To run and jump and dance,

Days are full, days at a glance,

White, some brown, a little clown,

Wriggling into my life and home,

Free to lay around all day,                            Chance

Ride, or lay in my room,                         The Greyhound

Little soul, you gave me love,

I really don't know why,

You ran a race and found this place,

Then we caught your eye,

You followed me through stormy seas,

Life threw a curve but you didn't leave,

You stayed with me through hard rain,

To be my friend and friend again,

Your race is done, time to rest,

You'll be missed, you are the best,

At making more when less is found,

Now time to rest in rainbow arms.

Copyright 2016 D. D. Roebke

© 2016 D. D. Roebke

The Healing Stone will be poetry with a few humorous essays on daily life sprinkled in.



Sample: Did You ever have an argument with your way-better half?  I have at rare times. How much does a person remember when they argue once a year?  There's a new avatar in stores right now.


They call it "self-checkout." (Without mirrors, how do I check myself out?)  Some call it "Computer's Revenge" or the body-less "Cyber Sister."  It is the relentless, never-tired self-checkout!


Watch for more titles coming soon.