From time to time D. D. Roebke will post new titles or post a paragraph from new projects for your enjoyment..​  Check back for the next release.


Poetry with humorous essays and the is planned for late this year.  Everyday life can sometimes be a drag.  Shopping, driving, or hair care are activities everyone has in common. 


Rusty has some news.
D. D. Roebke has written a companion to "The Sorrow Stone" book of grief poetry. "The Sorrow Stone Companion" will be published soon through <> within the next few months.




A new writer, Adrien Mastersen, will join Rusty Peeks Creations soon. Look for the website and new titles from Adrien.



Rusty Peeks Creations will enter aerial drone photography in 2017-18. See more photography later.



Rusty Peeks Creations will enter aerial drone photography in 2018. First D. D. must pass his Remote Pilot Test.


Who is Rusty? Rusty was a greyhound we adopted in Nevada. He was ten when he died suddenly one night. He was a love sponge. One of the many cute things he did was peek through the stair railing. Rusty Peeks.



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