Finding Your Best Writing Times

Writing. It's fun for some, a job for others, and a passion for all. The aim is the same, get published and get your name out there. Writing as a job reminds me of times I had to go here or there for a job or to volunteer. I found that when I'm late for a meeting, or late for another thing, it's usually because I don't really want to be there.

When I began writing, I found I loved it. It's too bad though because when my wife died of cancer, I was so tired from going with her to appointments and sitting with her 18 hours a day, I had no time to schedule writing. So my love for writing had to be put to one side and that was my decision. It wasn't my wife's fault that I put all to one side to help her when she was sick. I did it because Ioved her and she was worth all of my effort to help.

Now, put all that passion into writing? It took time to come to the place where I could actually schedule writing times. Volunteering was a way to get me out of the house where I was alone and had too much time to think. That got in the way of a schedule too.

So off that and onto a challenge of yours and mine. I remember hearing one writer say he got up at 6:45 and wrote a blog for the day. I also heard someone talk about scheduling writing 8 am to 4 pm to treat writing like a job. I was in the Air Force for 20 years and that was a job. Scheduling from 8 to 4 feels too much like walling myself in. What if I get inspired at 9 pm? Do I wait until 8 am to start writing? NO and no. Getting up at a certain time to write makes it feel like I'm writing stuff to throw away. I don't want my readers to post "Yeah, me too!" and forget what they look like in the mirror.

So when is the best writing time? I don't know! Whatever works for you works for me. Then again, I measure my success in writing by chapter. "Did I get that chapter done?" "Did I finish that half-chapter I was working on?" I remember a song about God, "What have you done for Him lately?" Well, what have you accomplished in writing lately? If you're a novelist like me, how do you measure success? Hey, e-mail me at <> and tell me what you do to schedule your writing.

D. D. Roebke

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